good rice, only sat down. Is really delicious. Yu Beibei is the first time to eat such a good meal. Zhang Wei also began to eat regardless of the image, they do journalists, most of the time are small restaurants on the CompTIA Certification street to eat, it is impossible to eat such a delicious dish, but also the level of senior chefs, to them For example, has been very tasty, eat a hundred tire. Lin Hao to each of them caught a chicken, said softly eat slowly. Um. Yu Beibei CASP nodded, but it was not stopped at all. Lin Hao silent, the food really so delicious Although he also knows that the taste of this dish is good, but because he often eat their own dishes, so that no taste, as long as you can swallow rice on the l. ine. This meal to eat faster, mainly Yu Beibei and Zhang Wei eat more, so the dishes on the table swept away. Never eat such a delicious dish. Yu Beibei touched the stomach. I also. Zhang Wei to see Lin Hao, the more worship up. After often eat. Lin Hao said with a smile. Then it is. Yu Beibei grinning nod, his future is his wife, certainly can often eat such dishes. In the afternoon, CASP it exam Lin Hao with two women to visit the afternoon of the street, bought a lot of things at night to sit watching TV, he received a phone call. Hey, Lin Hao it. Song Yuxiu sound sounded. Yeah. Lin Hao nodded, he almost forgot to own or will P

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP