e. Those who want to rush out to solve Lin Hao, all was a knife cut, fell to the ground. The rest also stood boring dumbfounded, what is the situation A knife light flashed to death four, it is estimated that they do not even know how to die dead. Lin Hao once again CCIE Data Center it exam appeared to the door, see three people standing together, but also a knife light Pichu. The three scared of the gallbladder, carrying a. bolt to want to shoot Lin Hao, but not the speed of Daoguang fast, all killed by a knife. This The young man with a machete at this time also scared silly. Who can stand beside him, are also trembling, is this still a man It is a demon ah Playing in the Song Yuxiu door also found the change here, no longer kick the door, are a while stunned. They are going to the gate to prepare for help. Song Yuxiu in the room a sigh of relief, people finally walked away, but she was worried about Lin Hao, do not know how to do, she can not help. Lin Hao side of the situation is actually almost fixed, a group of bully has scared silly Lin Hao once again appeared in the door, for several consecutive Daoguang Pichu, a group of bully are instinctively raised the hands of the bolt to resist. Pop Blood splash, the power of God Cisco Certification level kitchen. knife is not they can resist the, the bolt was cut off, knife light from the body flew, CCIE Data Center lost his life. Holding a machete of the young man touched the unharmed, with a machete blocked a blow, but he did not stop the second hit, directly to the kitchen k

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350-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center
351-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center