s outward proof in your inner truth. The truth of your being. This is the truth which is being brought through you in the books you write. I don t see myself as writing these books. I see You, God, as the author, and me as merely the scribe. God is the author and so are you. There is no dif ference between My writing them and you writing them. As long as you think there is, you will have missed the point of the writing itself. Yet most of humanity has missed this teaching. And so I send you new teachers, more teachers, all with the same CCNP Routing and Switching message as the teach ers of old. I understa. nd your reluctance to accept the teaching as your own personal truth. Were you to go around claiming to be One with God or even a part of God speaking or writing these CCNP Routing and Switching it exam words, the world would not know what to make of you. People can make of me whatever they Cisco Certification wish. This much I know I do not deserve to be the recipient of the information I have been given here, and in all of these books. I do not feel worthy to be the messenger of this truth. I am working on this third book, yet I know even before its release that I, of all people, with all the mistakes I have made, all the selfish things I have done, am simply not worthy to be the

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300-135 Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0) Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching