of spirit CPBA from body. Not only are the spirits of these holy men standing at the present m. oment by the banks of the Ganges, but those spirits are clothed in a material covering so identical with their real bodies that none of the faithful will ever doubt that Lal Hoomi and Mowdar Khan are actually among them. This is accomplished by our power of resolving an object into its chemical atoms, of conveying these atoms with a speed which exceeds that of lightning to any given spot, and of there re precipitating them and compelling CPBA it exam them to retake their original form. Of old, in the days of our ignorance, it was necessary to Pegasystems Certification convey the whole body in this way, but we have since found that it was as easy and more convenient to transmit material enough merely to build up an outside shell or semblance. This we have termed the astral body But if you can transmit your spirits so readily, I observed, why should they be accompanied by any body at all In communicating with brother initiates we are able to employ our spirits only, but when we wish to come in contact with ordin. ary mankind it is essential that we should appear in some form which they can see and comprehend. You have interested me deeply in all that you have told me, I sa

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