s going to call you, today I got the new house key, and intend to move two days later, when you and Fang brother may come to Oh. From the CRISC Certification phone, obviously can hear the Yan s excitement and joy. Ye Shan no time to say these, swallow, do not say this first, I was starting from the provincial capital to go home yesterday, Zhao. Zhigang accident. Ye Shan simple to the old Tan to her that the situation to Yu Yan copied again. Yu Isaca Certification Yan has not heard, it was angry shouted abuse. Angry old mother, and this is really not saved Zhao Zhigang, Shan sister, this man you want to do it Directly off the Ye Shan smile, swallows, CRISC Certification it exam now say that, useless ah. Now Pond Valley pigs are still lying in the hospital, the specific injury did not know how. Yu Yan also followed anxious, his mouth was comforting her, Shan sister, you do not worry too much, things have happened, we only have to face. Swallow, the last seen you that classmate, called Li Bing, not in the public security system You help me find him, inquire about, Zhao Zhigang now how the situation. Yu Yan listen t

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