Xiao Jun can be regarded as a huge sum of money, but now. Only seven traps, so cheap. Xiao Jun is very free Magento Certified Developer it exam to exchange the seventy drops of toilet water. Into the spring water, to the Qibao gourd vine water up. Chapter 282 Light and Spirit Chapter 282 Light and Spirit Clear spring water up, Qibao gourd vine immediately grow crazy up. The original bowl of coarse rattan become more stout, the diameter has more than 20 centimeters thick, the length Magento Certification is not how much increase, Qiu Long winding, looks vigorous and mighty. A small gourd girl began to appear, and then gradually grow up, until seventy ladders clear spring effect is completely over, the gourd girl finally became a fist big gourd. Is it possible for me to release the same thing as the sun Xiao Jun look at the botanical garden of the sun card, the middle of the sun is not called the sacred sun Whether it is or not, eat to know. Xiao Jun smile, went up, to look with the gourd vi. ne is Magento Certified Developer not coordinated small gourd picked from the top down. This gourd vine looks so big, did not expect this gourd or so small. Gourd in his hand, Xiao Jun and in the toolbar to find a saw, and then creak saw a few saw half. This time there is no gas floating out, replaced by a blazing, but not glare of the golden light. This is not the purpose of the sun in full swing toward all direction

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