front of Lin Hao. His face fiercely flash, Lin Hao directly to mention the other side of the collar, cold channel You are really big courage, ah, dare to see me. You made a mistake. Lin Hao almost pull each other from the ground You repeatedly harm me, several times want to kill me, I absolutely can not spare you. He Feng, who also stopped at this time, all ran over. Lin Hao did not know what happened, just about the car, as if to see the enemy rushed VCA6-DCV it exam past. They see Lin Hao grabbed a young man, he knew he should be able to deal with the. Have come to the front, said I can not help They looked at Lin for, all ill, as long a. s Lin Hao said VMware Certification to play, they will definitely beat each other into the meat sauce. Because of the things just happened, they are incomparable VCA6-DCV to believe that Lin Hao, incomparable support. You first back to the hotel, in fact, nothing. Lin Hao looked at some of the students, do not want to bring their own private things. Okay, Qin really nodded. All the students are not stupid, know Lin Hao is to solve their own, it will not interfere. They winked at each other and walked towards the hotel. Lin Hao clutching the forest, to drag him away, because in this place, it is not easy to solve people. Cousin, you absolutely misunderstood

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1V0-601 VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals VMware VCA6-DCV